Finding and replacing rear liftgate window grommets (wiper arm and washer fluid hose), on 2nd Generation Chrysler Minivans

There are two rubber grommets in the rear window on the liftgate of 2nd generation (1991-1995) Chrysler minivans.  These may be the same as 1st generation vans, but I don't know for sure.  With age, these shrink, crack, and potentially let water in.  I recently went through the trouble of replacing's the details on how to procure and install them.

As of late 2015, the wiper arm grommet is still available from Chrysler as part number 05152332AA.  I believe this is the same item that is used on other Chrysler vehicles such as the PT Cruiser, so hopefully it will be around a while yet.  I bought mine from an ebay seller, but there are other sources online, as well as your local Dodge dealer.  Here's what it looks like:

The grommet that the washer fluid hose goes through is not so easy, as it is no longer available from Chysler.  I was also unable to find a "proper" aftermarket replacement.  I did luck into a solution that seems to work well.  A local auto parts store suggested some regular grommets and I bough a "variety pack" of them, "HandyPack" part number HP3710:


One of the grommets enclosed had a thicker "center" than the others and fit nicely into the window opening:

I removed the old grommet, which was in terrible condition:

And removed the center section from the center of the deteriorated grommet:

The tube section had a hard rubber surround (maybe only hard due to age) that then fit snugly into the middle of the grommet after it had been installed:

In order to install these, I had to remove the wiper arm, which of course would not budge.  I used these directions -  It wasn't fun, but I did eventually prevail and the arm came off.  I was using a 3-arm puller from Harbor Freight instead of the suggested 2-arm variety, and I also tried using a piece of a large nail, instead of the suggested drill bit piece.  The nail was soft, and the 3-arm puller with a pointy wiggly end didn't help anything.  A small piece of wood between the pointy end of the puller and the nail head ultimately helped finish the job.  I installed a new aftermarket replacement arm, so drilling the hole wasn't an issue.  Be very careful when you put the arm back on that you get it in the right position, perhaps just put it on very lightly at first.  Mine ended up stopped a little further down that I really want it, and I can't pry it back off by hand...and I didn't push all that hard when I put it on!  I may try some more later, but I can't convince it to come back off, nor do I want to take a drill to the new wipar arm per the above web site...

Once that is off, you will need to remove the inside cover of the liftgate and remove the wiper motor.  In my 92, there are four screws across the top of the door, two to the sides of the window, two in the center under plastic plugs, one inside under each of the speaker grill covers, and one in each bottom corner behind plugs.  You may also need to remove the hatch to access the 3rd brake light in the center - I believe the 91-93 attaches to the door, the 94-95 attach to the rest of the plastic and you may be able to leave them (my van is a 92 but got a replacement liftgate from a 94/95)...probably best to remove it to be sure.  Then remove the wiper motor assembly - it is the silver plate at the top center, held on by 5 screws with hex heads.  Take that off, and you will have access to the grommets from the back.  Depending on how bad they are, you may be able to just push them back to the inside easier than pushing from the inside out.  When you re-install the wiper motor through the larger grommet, you will likely need to have someone on the outside holding the grommet in as you push the motor spindle out through the middle of it.  It is a tight fit, and the first try resulted in the grommet being dislodged.  With someone holding it in as I pushed it out, it worked its way through ok.

I hope this helps someone.  If you have any questions, suggestions or ideas about this project, or things I might should consider adding or changing on this web page, please contact me at

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