The original Christmas Van was a 1979 Ford full-size van that I drove through high school and a year and a half afterwards.  Unfortunately, I have no photos of it decked out with Christmas lights.

In late 1997, I bought a 1992 Dodge Caravan.  This was how the Christmas van looked back about 1998...using an inverter to power normal lights in the rear windows...the same was as the old Ford van.

In 2009, the transmission went out in "old blue" and a Chrysler Voyager took its place that Christmas...this time using LED lights converted for 12v use and attached externally to the roof rack, along with a wreath of lights on the front.

Turned out no one wanted to buy old blue with a bad transmission...and I still liked her better than her in the summer of 2010, she got a rebuilt transmission and was back on the road...and my wife started driving the Voyager.  Here's a photo taken in the snow.  She got a paint job in the summer of 2014, and as of Christmas that year, the odometer is reading 225k miles.  Here's hoping she'll wear Christmas lights for many more years!

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