VK's Lonely
Baloney Sandwich

This was published in a family cookbook in 1990.

1 large pkg. bologna
1 lb. cheese
1 can pickles
1 jar salad dressing
1 head lettuce
6 cans soup (your choice)
6 cans pork and beans
few sardines (if you can stand them)
1 loaf fresh bread
some crackers
some drinks (your choice)

The above listed is now your survival kit when your wife decides to go visit the daughter, son-in-law and grandkids.  You really realize she is gone when you come in late, the house is cold, no good smells coming from the kitchen and the mail is still in the box.  It really soaks in when you finally get the house warm and try to convince yourself you have had supper, and only get a dumb look when you try to discuss the 6 o'clock news and weather with "old dog" who has been stomping the floor from room to room.

Couple days later, seems like a month, you notice right off the van is in the carport, smoke coming from the chimney, some good smells coming from the kitchen (probably something from this cookbook), and yep there is Maw with suggestive twinkle in her eye and "ole dog" is peacefully stretched out in front of the fire.  When you have finally had that excellent meal, the kitchen floor washed up, dried bologna skins picked out of the sink, tin cans hauled out and the gnats sprayed, buddy its time you gave her a big hug and kiss, pat her on the butt, and tell her how much you love her, and above all, count your blessings.

V. K. Begoon