50 Years of O. Winston Link Night Photo Shoot
January 21, 1955 - January 21, 2005
Waynesboro, Virginia

For information on O. Winston Link's original 1955 photo at the Waynesboro, VA Norfolk and Western station, please visit http://www.linkmuseum.org/1955.html

Photos are clickable and link to a higher-resolution version.
All Photos Copyright 2005 Wesley Furr

For the event, Norfolk Southern sent their business train, headed up by nearly new and spit-shined EMD SD70M #2641.



At about 9pm, the Buckingham Branch Railroad sent over an engine and grain car to pose for the group.

After the lights (provided and sponsored by Osram Sylvania) were turned off, there was a coordinated effort and several flashes were fired a half-dozen times or so over about 30 seconds to light the scene, much the way O. Winston Link would have done (except that his all fired simultaneously).

Photos taken with a Minolta Maxxum 7000 with Sigma 28-80 zoom lens.

I recorded a small amount of video, which I have edited down to that which is marginally worth viewing.  Had it been warmer, lighter, and time allowed, I would have taken time to get some better footage.  Click one of the links below to watch.  The free RealPlayer is required for the RealVideo clips - availble at www.real.com.

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