Wesley's Isuzu Trooper Web Page

Not much here yet, but I'm going to be working on it as time allows.  If you have photos of your Isuzu Trooper (or foreign equivalent), please pass them along, I'll make a page here for folks to show off their Trooper's!  We've got two, and my parents have three!  A photo has been added, but more to come...

So here's what I do have:

Photos of the family Troopers

Ski Rack (not) For Sale - Took this off of our 2002 Trooper.
UPDATE - Ski Rack has been SOLD!  Just leaving this up so you can see how our Trooper used to look...

Ski Rack Installation Instructions - someone on the alt.autos.isuzu newsgroup asked, so I scanned and here they are.  Figured if I went to the trouble of scanning for one person, I may as well share them for the rest of the world to see.

Tech Notes - Some notes I've made up on a few Trooper repairs I've done.  Mainly odd things not under the hood (I'm not much of a mechanic).

And here's some info from other sources:

Is the Isuzu Trooper really a good tow vehicle?  See what Trailer Life magazine had to say.

Troopersaurus - A wonderful page detailing the modifications someone made to their 1996 Trooper.  Well worth a look...

Expeditions West has a listing of the expedition vehicles they have used.  If you scroll down the page, you will note that their 1998 Trooper received their personal highest overall score.

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Last Updated:  2-27-2010