Turning off the O2 Sensor Lamp

This isn't anything formal, just the notes as I posted them to the alt.autos.isuzu internet newsgroup.

Dad calls last night and says their 93 Trooper will no longer pass inspection because the state has tightened down the regulations and it won't pass inspection with the O2 light on any more.  He says it's going to cost $370 or so to get it replaced.  Well...I recalled several years ago when the light cut on in the first place that some digging on the internet revealed that it's just an idiot light that turns on at 90k miles.  So, I did some digging this morning back in the groups.google.com archives and found all the info I could on the subject, then went by after work to see what I could figure out for them.  To make a long story short, all it takes is moving a screw from one hole to another...easy enough?  Yeah, once you get to it.  :-)  Here's the long story exactly how...
Pull all the screws off around the trim that goes around the dash, radio, and center panel.  Pop that out (clips that gently hold it in place), then un-plug all the connectors that go to the dials and switches on either side of the instrument cluster.  Then spin it sideways off to the right because you can't easily unplug the cigarette lighter outlet.  There are 2 screws above the instrument cluster, 2 below, 2 above the radio, and 2 down at the bottom of the center part - all of them facing downwards (pretty sure I'm remembering that part right).
Now pull open the fuseholder door and you'll see a screw facing down - take it out.  Then pull out another 2 in that same panel that face towards you, then you can remove that panel (has the same clips that gently hold the panel in place).
You'll then be able to reach up under part of the steering column and you'll find 2 bolts with about 12mm heads - take those out and the steering column will drop down.  (Kinda towards the front of the instrument cluster, right at the edge of the plastic that covers the steering column.)  Look up underneath and you'll find 2 screws right under the instrument cluster.  You'll need a short screwdriver or one of those semi-S-shaped ones to get those 2 screws out.  Then take out the 2 screws on the left and right of the instrument cluster as you look at the front of it.
At this point, the instrument cluster should come right out.  Ease it out a bit and unplug the 2 connections at the back.  Lay it down in your lap and you'll see lots of electronic-looking stuff, screws, etc.  Look towards the center and you'll see two holes side by side, labeled the same, I'm nearly positive it was labeled "KSW".  One of them had a small piece of tape over it.  It's the only open hole that was threaded and ready to accept a screw that didn't already have one.  Pop the screw out of one and put it in the one that was covered by the tape.  It's the only 2 labeled the same right side by side.
Reverse your steps to put it all back together and your O2 light will now be off.  Good luck!  And don't blame me if you break anything!

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