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Not much here yet, but figured I'd start somewhere.

This is our 2002 Trooper.  Taken in the waning hours of daylight after I finally finished its first-ever waxing...over 3 years after buying it new!  Oh well...  It was purchased by us on April 15, 2003.  Photo taken 9/25/06 with 27k miles on the clock.

Camping on Ocracoke island, NC, October 2006.  2002 Trooper, 1983 Prowler travel trailer.

Parked at home the day after returning home from Ocracoke, still hooked up, tow mirrors and all.

Dad's 94 Trooper stuck in our back yard.  He tried to turn it around in the dark when we got home, none of us realize we'd had over 5 inches of rain during the 10 days they had been gone.  1971 Terry travel trailer.

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